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I downloaded the source of mame4all and compile but when I run mame executable, the BananaPi show black screen. I try with ps -ef but it's doesn't exist any mame process.

How I can compile using the new GPU of BananaPi?

Thanks in advance.

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I haven't got Mame4all working, but I have AdvanceMame working. If you can find an older version of mame4all like the version's used in the raspberry pi then I think it can compile and work.
This is what I did and if you know a better way please post it.

My sources.list looks like this.
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

  1. deb http://http.debian.net/debian wheezy main contrib non-free
  2. deb-src http://http.debian.net/debian wheezy main contrib non-free
  3. deb http://security.debian.org/ wheezy/updates main contrib non-free
  4. deb-src http://security.debian.org/ wheezy/updates main contrib non-free
  5. deb http://http.debian.net/debian wheezy-updates main contrib non-free
  6. deb-src http://http.debian.net/debian wheezy-updates main contrib non-free
  7. deb http://http.debian.net/debian wheezy-backports main
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This will install the needed programs to run advance mame and compile it.

  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt-get upgrade
  3. sudo apt-get install lxde xorg python geany
  4. sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev libgnome2-dev libsdl1.2-dev
  5. sudo apt-get install libxv-dev libxv1
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Get the source

  1. wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/advancemame/files/advancemame/0.106.1/advancemame-0.106.1.tar.gz
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Un-Tar the source

  1. tar -zxvf advancemame-0.106.1.tar.gz

  2. cd advancemame-0.106.1
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You need to make sure your using gcc-4.6 and g++-4.6 to compile you can have 4.6 and 4.7 installed normaly if you did nothing to the system it will be 4.6.
Set the compiler version in terminal.

  1. export CC=gcc-4.6
  2. export CXX=g++-4.6

  3. ./configure
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Make will take a long time = hours!

  1. make
  2. ./advmame game_name
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make sure you have folders and config file in ~/.advance

to get everything to run smoother in desktop I played with this setting of advance mame "sync_speed 0.45"

You can do what I did and install both of these and test it or just one. I think the compiled version ran a little better but thats really not saying much since they ran slow from the start.

RaspberryPi compiled advance mame - works on Banana Pi

  1. wget http://sheasilverman.com/rpi/raspbian/debs/advancemame-raspberrypi_1-1_armhf.deb
  2. sudo dpkg -i advancemame-raspberrypi_1-1_armhf.deb
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This may not be needed but doesn't hurt if you did do it. The fb video driver can be used
in console mode if you can get mame working in console mode with fb. I came close to getting it working but had  a problem with the advance mame setting device_video_clock. Good luck!

After that, you have to allow the user "banana" to get access to the framebuffer:-
$ sudo nano /etc/udev/my-rules.d/framebuffer.rules
Then put a line in it like this
KERNEL=="fb0", OWNER="root", MODE="0660"
and add banana to the video group
$ sudo chmod 777 /dev/fb0
$ sudo usermod -a -G video banana

Some links that made this happen
http://blog.sheasilverman.com/20 ... me-debs-with-sound/
http://1337technophile.blogspot. ... ompile-advmame.html

Well good news I found a setting that works for my monitor in console mode and it runs a lot faster in console mode but now sound doesn't work though HDMI.

  1. device_video_clock 5 - 70 / 15.62 / 70 ; 5 - 70 / 15.73 / 70
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You may want to put sync_speed back to it's default number of 1 or play with the setting to see what works for you setting range is 0.1 to 10 . This setting made the screen size better "display_resize fractional" in advance mame config.
If you want to switch to console mode from desktop make sure all windows are closed and work is saved if any, then hit keys ctrl+alt+f2 login as user and play.
you can say "startx" to get back to desktop. There is a way to just boot into console mode but you may not want to do this.
Boot into Console mode

  1. sudo update-rc.d -f lightdm remove
  2. #or just
  3. sudo update-rc.d lightdm remove
  4. # then
  5. sudo reboot
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Boot into desktop
  1. sudo update-rc.d lightdm defaults
  2. sudo update-rc.d lightdm enable
  3. sudo reboot

  4. # Can also force boot, but should not be needed
  5. sudo nano /etc/init.d/lightdm
  6. # Find HEED_DEFAULT_DISPLAY_MANAGER in the file and change from true to false
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FYI: I can only get the compiled version to work in console mode with the "device_video_clock" setting above.

Does Mame or any of the other emulators work better on the Banana? It is dual core and faster I was wondering if there is an advantage to converting from the raspberry to the Banana Pi for mame.

Good news!!! Thanks! In Raspi, advanceMame, for me, have problems with sound and it's very slow. But it's possible that this problems it doesn't exist with BananaPi. I try it!

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Yes, I think its a lot faster then a raspberry pi. The GPU of the BPI is a dual core also. Mali-400 MP2 the "MP2" means dual core GPU. At this point the raspberry pi does have an advantage because a lot of the emulators are working and its a lot easier to install them or use an image with it all installed. But when the BPI gets to the point to run all the same emulators it will run them a lot faster because of its extra hardware.

Some other good news, I found a website that talks about installing advanceMame 1.2 on a cubieboard I did the first part and it does run. If you want the sdl support to run in desktop you need to install this before you compile.
  1. sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev
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Page may need to be translated.

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After a lot of testing. Finding out if the sound works in console mode without mame and it does if your root.
  1. sudo speaker-test -twav -c2
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so that means I didnt have the permissions set for the device. so an easy fix command i found is this.
  1. sudo usermod -a -G audio user_name
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Now we have sound in console mode, enjoy!

Do you think AdvanceMENU would help to setup the games?
I was reading http://advancemame.sourceforge.net/scan-readme.html
This is awesome and I cant wait to try it soon.  But I need another PI.
My current PI is dedicated to running Android.
Heck at the rate I am going I will need 2 more but thats another story..

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After getting sound to work in mame. I have found there are some roms that have issues with sound. Even in a very powerful systems. You can rebuild the roms and fix the sound files and put your own sounds in the game too.

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