Monitor the stock quote on Linux from the command line

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This tool named Mop, it is a lightweight command-line tool written by Go and could eaaily monitor the lasted stock quote from the us market.So, we need to install the GO language first.
1. Install the Go language.
Use the next command to install Go Language and it's development tools.
  1. sudo apt-get install golang
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Then check the version of Go Language to verify installation.
  1. go version
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The Go code have to be kept inside a worksapce, so wo should make a directory for it(eg: $HOME/golang),
and define GOPATH environment variable pointing to the workspace.
  1. mkdir ~/golang
  2. echo 'export GOPATH="$HOME/golang"' >> ~/.bashrc
  3. . ~/.bashrc
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For more Go tools if you need.
  1. sudo apt-cache search golang
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2. Install Mop to Linux
After you install your Go Language, install Mop now!
  1. cd $GOPATH
  2. go get github.com/michaeldv/mop
  3. cd src/github.com/michaeldv/mop
  4. make install
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now, you could edit the $HOME/.bashrc file to add the $GOPATH to PATH.
  1. echo 'export PATH="$PATH:/$GOPATH/bin"' >> ~/.bashrc
  2. source ~/.bashrc
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3. Monitor the stock quote now!
Just run command 'cmd' .
  1. cmd
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Like this:
And input '?' for help.
That's all.
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