working Flash Player OS=Lubuntu Banana Pi Pro

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Hi Guys,

i made a lot of research but i don´t get a working solution,so i start this thread here hoping to get any ideas to get a real solution.

I´m looking for a working flash player for Banana Pi Pro (BPiPro) i.e. lubuntu, but any other OS which i get this done is fine too, give me just ainformation if you know something working...!

My Goal is to watch NFL Gamepass (which is fix Flash Content) over the BPiPro.

All my tries so far were not succesfull :-(

Btw. Maybe someone has a idea for another problem which i got from time to time when im working a longer time with lubuntu on BPiPro.

After i´m working to get the above described i installed severall Packages a.s.o. when i Reboot the machine and want to log on with my user i always get a blank screen, looks like the disk space is full, but what makes me very confused is that the Partition is only 60 MB!?! (but the card has a full capacity of 32 GB)?!?

Can someone give me a further advise here?

(I installed lubuntu like it is described, Files are from the download-part of lemakers-Page...)

Thanks in advance!

Some time went by since my original post...

Does anyone of you has a working solution to watch NFL Gamepass over the banana pi pro with a linux os under the hood?

Thanks for any advices!

Regards Seggel

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