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Working mplayer is HERE! Play 1080p/720p/all others!

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Try passing the "quiet" kernel argument by adding an entry in "uEnv.txt"  file.

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So the XBMC is working with mplayer?Could you add a OTG driver to kernel:

Img runs great !!! THX

Pretty awesome work All we need now is integration with XBMC and we're set.

Has anyone tried to run this with MPV (the next generation Mplayer fork?)? VDPAU support is improved quite a lot and MPV is actually the only one that runs stable on my system (AMD Radeon VDPAU). The extreme amount of configuration options will make it really easy to make a decent Linux media player out of our Banana Pi.

If that works the next step is getting XBMC integration right, once we get that I would love to spend some time to see if I can get Chromium running with GPU acceleration enabled. If we do get that we'll have an awesome and powerful machine

I would try it myself but I don't have my Banana Pi yet

Nice image!But I don't get HDMI audio passthrough working. It seems only 'analog' stereo sound is working.
I fiddled arround a little bit with the mplayer.conf but afm=hwac3 kills the sound.
Do you have an idea how to get passthrough working?

Thank you for your work on implementing the hwacc!

Hello, I've tested nnn2 image and it works quite good. Many thanks for your effort nnn2. Only one question, I'd like to be able to watch some videos from youtube with your image, have you tried it? Anybody? I've tried several web browsers but I always get slow or jerky video playback. As LaurensBER also commented, it would be great to have a web browser also with GPU acceleration enabled. Comments are welcome!!

Is there a guide to get mplayer hardware acceleration on existing raspbmc?

Are there existing plans to provide that on next rasobmc release?

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After all comand what i will install it write :  sudo: unable to resolve host banana.. Do you know how to
fix it please ?  
Second problem is that i need on running Lamp https://wiki.debian.org/LaMp but on this system i can´t install it.
I make a lot of eror if i want to install other software than basic installed. Is here somebody who fix this problem ?

Hi ,
my main problem is that this system have only 130 MB free space and it can not full instal update. But i can´t resize filesystem while is running system on them.   Please help me how to do it.

Hi there i need the image ....
but no download link works...
i´ve got a server what can host the file and anybody can download it but can anybody den me the file ?
greets Blakky

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