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Working mplayer is HERE! Play 1080p/720p/all others!

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Hello, I'm having trouble trying to flashing the img to sd. I'm using an 8Gb SD, formatted with SDFormatter and burned the IMG with Win32DiskImager. No errors appears during the process, but when I try to boot on the BananaPI,nothing is displayed, even if lights blink on it (red, blue and green).
Am I missing something ?

how about other OS, let's try it !



I have just installed latest bananian on my bananaPro and I would like to be able to play movies.

Is it possible with the latest bananian version ?

I am quite lost with all posts on this subject. As I do that also to learn, I would like to start from a headless distribution and
then install/compile the necessary packages to make the video acceleration work.

Do I have to install X ? if  yes which drivers ?

My ultimate wish would be to avoid installing X (I do not want to install a desktop) but being able to launch mplayer without
like on my laptop (in a terminal text console I can sucessfully do mplayer -vo fbdev2 file.avi).

I guess I have to install Mali GPU drivers and cedarX (or cedrus) software.

I have found this tutorial http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread. ... =2199415#pid2199415

but I am not sure it applies.

Could someone give the steps to get mplayer (or mpv) working ? Do I have to recompile it ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Best regards

For me it acts weird. It boots, but root partition is only 1 GB, so no place to even run apt-get update and upgrade. Also, when clicking on MPlayer and Browser nothing shows up. Somebody had similar case?

Video acceleration works out of the box with preinstalled mpv. Desktop images with legacy kernel (3.4.113).

igorpec, I have already tried Armbian both Desktop legacy and server legacy (after installing x server and many other packages) and on both I failed to be able to use Kodi and other players. Is it possible to get Armbian image with working OpenGL? All I see are tutorials after which I still have some errors.

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Just read what I wrote, once again. That's the only possible working solution: Armbian desktop images + preinstalled MPV (v5.25 was broken 2days from release date - it didn't have (opensource) HW acceleration libraries by mistake, but we rebuilt all images later)

I haven't saw proper working KODI on Banana. It's something complex like this: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread. ... =2199415#pid2199415 but AFAIK it's not working either. So don't waste time trying that howto.

There is no such thing like OpenGL on those boards:
https://forum.armbian.com/index. ... pi-orangepi-pc-etc/

Current best / cheapest option is some H3 board with Openelec. It's working pretty decent.

igorpec, thank you for sharing once again.

But OpenELEC on H3 is also a port, right? Also for Amlogic (ODROID) there are only ports. All the main development focuses on Raspberry Pi. As I am comparing prices, RPi 3 seems to be even cheaper than ODROID C2 and Orange Pi Plus 2e. I would be interested to have stable software with as small amount of digging and fixing stuff before making the device work - isn't it Raspberry Pi the best candidate for that?

(Sorry for offtopic)

Also, I think I had this broken image, because I have downloaded 5.20 and day after saw the new one and immediately grabbed that one. Still, as a newbie, I quite do not get it - if it has hardware acceleration, why Kodi would not launch as an app (not going into details of playing - here it is a matter of codec and supported resolution, etc.)?

Even on Linux x86 Desktop PC, KODI install doesn't just work out of the box. Sometimes you need to do manual hacking to fix things ... here is harder, since community is smaller and scattered around different hardware and development never reached proper level. Even with large community around Rpi it took years, before Openelec become stable / usable.

Yes, Kodi on top of Debian is possible in theory, but it requires a lot of work, while porting Openelec, a dedicated KODI system, is way more simple.

Most other general purpose boards are better than RPi in almost all scenarios, they have better board design and on board hardware (eMMC, dedicated USB ports, separate gigabit network ...) , stability issues are fixed, especially on older boards, most boards are getting mainline support.

Main advantage of RPi was it's videocore, but both H3's and Odroid C2 can compete with this now and on top of this they have HDMI 1.4 / 2.0 which means 4k resolution 30/60Hz + much better board design and HW parts.

You can run Openelec with almost the cheapest OrangePi (shipped One 13USD, recommended rather PC 24USD).

For some time users are facing an issue that when they are trying to start the AMD Radeon settings the software shows the message Radeon settings are not available please try again after connect. This issue seems to disturb users who install a new set of drivers or a clean copy of windows and it is a driver connected issue. Here we will let you know how to fix it.

1- Changing Driver Version:
i). As first step just remove the Drivers and open the approved AMD webpage to choose your GPU and Windows version.
ii). Here don’t install the one on top navigate to the older and install that.
iii). In case that Driver works then upgrade one after the other till you reach the one that doesn’t work and uninstall it and move to the last one that is working fine. Tap Windows + R, write gpedit.msc and tap Ok to disable windows from updating the driver via automatic processing.
iv). Now under the option of Computer Configuration Panel double click on Administrative Templates, direct to System>Device Installation>Device Installation Restrictions and on the right-Hand side of the Window double click on the option named “Prevent installation of devices that match any of these device IDs.” Find other solutions by opening https://appuals.com/fix-radeon-settings-are-currently-not-available/

v). As last step you will see a popup that comes up so choose enable, press on show, write in the Hardware ID of your GPU, tap on OK and press on the option of Apply.

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