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Working mplayer is HERE! Play 1080p/720p/all others!

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why not making a package of the modified mplayer?

Would it be possible to use it as a default player for XBMC (http://michael.gorven.za.net/raspberrypi/xbmc)?

or would it make more sense to build the LeMedia for Raspbian?

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Can anyone upload image or torrent-file to alternative file hosting? Thanks.

Yes please I'm looking for this image too.

Anyone got this image? Please share it again! Thanks!

XMBC would be great, i would deffinitly be willing to pay for it

where is the image ??

link is down

If anybody still looking for nnn2's image look here http://forum.lemaker.org/thread-1707-11-1-_11.html
Best regards!

How much effort would it take to get this image working on the Banana Pi Pro?
I need WiFi (ap6210 driver) and dvd (libdvdread4 & libdvdnav4 ??) also.
When I loaded the base image, the browser doesn't launch, nor does mplayer.

I need to chose a suitable SBC for a project to make a media player fed by Ethernet and streaming 1920*1080 videos all day long.

Can Banana Pro do that without hiccups?

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Can burn it to an sd and start it on my bananapro without any problem, no wifi so far.
mplayer not starting from the gui (start from xterm seems to be possible) and there is no browser installed.
Can not resize the partition using the bananapro. As writen in post #8 -> http://www.lemaker.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=537&page=1
Used another image to boot and then put the sdcard into an usb-cardreader and gparted to extend the partition - it´s working so far.

Even in the vlc is now the stream running very smooth....love it.
next step -> get the wireless working.

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