Mupen64 & SuperN64 emulators - Don't load

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In this case I talkin about native android games, some games don't work the left click just see the main menu but no work.
deenbee Posted at 2014-7-29 17:53
For me left-click has always worked the same way as screen touch would work on a mobile device.
If it doesn't work that way for you it's one more of those odd malfunctions at your end, which I tend to blame on the slow SD card.

Another question

Can boot the Operative system from SATA port using a 2.5" HardDrive ?
No, I don't think so. The primary boot always has to be from an SD card.
It may be possible to let that primary boot procedure switch over to use the HDD for the rest of the session, but I know no way to have the initial boot at power-on use an HDD (or any other device apart from the SD card).

It was the same way with the Raspberry Pi too. People who wanted to run their OS from a USB3 drive still had to prepare a primary boot partition on the SD card, with settings and/or software to switch over to using the USB3 drive for the real OS boot. There is even a special RPi boot system called BerryBoot, which when stored on an SD card allows multiple OS to be chosen from a boot menu, with all those OS stored either on a large SD card or on an external drive (USB stick or USB HDD).

I'm sure something similar can be implemented for the Banana Pi, but I don't think it has been done yet.

Best regards: dlanor

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