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Hello everyone,
I made this video with a first boot on Banana Pi. Hope you like it!
Maybe a good idea to also show the speed of additional boot-ups (much quicker than initial)

Thanks a lot!

Reply 2# mattrix

I will do that too.

could you upload video about android performance on banana pi like playing hd movie or game? thx alot and great video

I've tried to install and run android on my Banan Pi and it takes about 8 minutes to boot (first time). All system is super lagging, I can't even setup language because i freezes when I click on settings.

Dont you know what is wrong?

For me it sounds like a too slow sd-card. What class is it?

I tried 2 SD cards. Both were class 10 but different brand. One of them was Verbatim, the second one was Kingston.

Yesterday I tried MATTRIX version and it is much better, but it still doesn't work how I expected.
Smartphones with worse HW work more smoothly so I'm just wondering what is a problem.

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