bananapi.com ??

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Who is this guy representing bananapi.com

Kinda of confused. Seems like they have a 4.4 version of Android and making a XBMC hardware decoder.

Tony can you shed any clarification.


Android 4.4 with XBMC HWA would make me start reselling the Banana Pi's - that's for sure.

So interesting. But we can see that, its forum is really a copy from Lemaker.

Yeah thats why this gets confusing. URL and everything makes it look like the site and the way the guy posted on XBMC.. Well that made it seem like he was part of the company rather than a reseller or someone separate.

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Yup. Kind of confusing with these sites bananapi.com, http://www.bananapi.org/

I was wondering the same, it was also shown official in wikipedia, but my previous searches brought me here back.

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e-bananapi.fr is our partner in France.

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Even so, we still lack a definite 'official' statement concerning the valid or bogus nature of some other significant BananaPi releated sites.

I'm mainly thinking now of the site:
"bananapi.com" which is very similar to "banana-pi.com" of sinovoip company (which I assume is valid)
(the only difference being the hyphen "-")

Do they or do they not represent a valid BananaPi distributor and/or developer group ???
And if/when that Android v4.4 is released, can we then safely use it ???
(Could be a scam with malware apps, stealing identity or whatever.)

We really need an official verdict on these things.

Best regards: dlanor

Well LETS ADD to the confusion. Bananapi.com announced on the XBMC forum that Android version 4.4 is available and XBMC now Koda works very well.

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We hope LeMaker to be a opensource and sharing community. We LeMaker is full of open spirit to welcome and hope more and more website can support Banana Pi.
We hope to become a community like Raspberry Pi.

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