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I built a cluster of Banana Pi servers, and I'm using it to host a site about Linux and web development.  Check it out at Banoffee Pi Server.

I used 4 Banana Pis, with Nginx and a CMS I wrote myself called Pyplate. So far I've written some basic posts about setting up a Banana Pi, and how I set up the cluster.  I'm really pleased with the Banana Pi servers.  They seem stable, and performance is much better than with a Raspberry Pi.
So excellent work. Could you please PM you email?


So you find that 4x Banana Pi's use less power than a PC?

Do you think a Banana Pi as the load balancer would work OK for a small-ish site?

I haven't made any measurements, but I think the cluster uses less power than a PC.  

I haven't tried using a Pi as a load balancer, but it should work quite well.  I used a PC because my load balancer has to serve traffic to a couple of other sites.

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I read Your setup details at, but I wonder why did You used PC as management node / balancer instead of another Banana? You could use VLANs to get 2 interfaces if Your switch support tagged frames. But I see You've answered this question already.
Second question: does it use shared storage (NFS & replicated as example) or just raw copied files via cron + rsync or something?EDIT: sorry I missed that this is also answered - rsync.
We used RAM disks for heavy loaded static pages, which increased number of request a lot.  Of course on modification we have to switch back to internal storage, but this isn't problem.

4 Bananas will use around 2,08 Amps at 5V rating, I think. So around 10W, much lower than any PC takes.

very good! Have done other distributed system ? for example hadoop

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   I've modified the CMS I'm using so that it can use a MySQL database on a remote server, and I'm working on setting up MySQL replication on a small Banana Pi cluster.  Then I'll be able to  have separate clusters for the web servers and database servers.   
I have another 4 Banana Pis that I plan to use in a file storage cluster using Gluster.  I have an old NAS with 4 hard disks.  I don't use the NAS any more so I'll take out the disks and use them in the Banana Pi storage cluster.

Eventually I want to be able to host several sites on the same cluster, a bit like

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I've made some changes to the Pyplate CMS that I'm using on my Banana Pi cluster. It now supports MySQL, and I've added a multi-site feature which makes it possible to serve several Pyplate sites from a single server. Using Pyplate multi-site in a cluster means that any node can serve any page from any of the sites hosted on the cluster.

The database is now stored on a seperate cluster from the web server cluster.  I'm still synchronizing the server nodes using rsync. I plan to integrate a 4 node Banana Pi Gluster storage cluster eventually, so I won't need to use rync.

Ganglia is set up on all the nodes in the database cluster, the web server cluster and the two nodes used as a command cluster.

I have moved from a PC to the Banana Pi cluster, and I created a new site called Linux Web Servers, which is also hosted on the cluster.  

At the moment these sites don't get much traffic, but I did get a spike in traffic when I posted a link to my site on the sysadmin section of Reddit. Ganglis showed an increase in the network traffic on the web server cluster, but the CPU load stayed very low:

I haven't released the new version of Pyplate yet, as it still needs to be tested and documented.

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I have masured all my pc power consumtion and avarge for pc is 60-90 watt and banana pro without 2.5 hdd attached is .5 watt (with 2.5hdd attached. 4w at startup and then 2.2-1.8 watt) dono if that helps

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