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TVHeadend Anyone?

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Anyone use TVHeadend and an adapter to record TV?
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Hello ChicagoBob,
yes, using it on my BPi with a SATA HDD attached to it to record things. Used a precompiled version 3.4 I found somewhere and did a compile from GIT right on the BPi to version 3.9. Both seem to work. Weird thing is, the BPi switches betweens versions sometimes when I reboot. :-)

Using it on Lubuntu, but I don't see a reason why it should work differently on Raspbian.

EDIT: Cleaned BPi of all scripts and previous things regarding TVHeadend and now the 3.9 GIT version runs even smoother. Oh and with an also attached smartcard reader TVHeadend decrypts scrambled channels nearly as fast as free TV. Love the power here. A second DVB stick is on its way for a multitude of additional purposes. :-)

This is fantastic news.  Thanks for replying.  What USB stick are you using?  Or do you have a hdhomerun?

I am using a Technotrend CT2-4400 DVB-C/T2 stick, it's a german product, think they have derivates in other countries. Hard to make it work but worth it, it is pretty new on the market with a good price. There are plenty of devices that are supported by the 3.4.90 kernel. Expensive but known to work VERY well are device from Sundtek: http://sundtek.com/shop/Digital-TV-Sticks-oxid/

So enjoy your TVHeadend on the BPi :-)

Thanks so much for the info.  I really wanted to make a time shifter.

did someone manage to build and install the kernel module for hdhomerun? I tried to use https://github.com/h0tw1r3/dvbhdhomerun/ but the installation of the deb fails

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I bought me a BPi exactly for this purpose to replace a RPi. I have two USB devices which work on RPi on my DVB-C, PCTV 520e and TechniSat CableStar Combo HD CI (CI module not used ). The BPi runs a 3.4.90 kernel as from the Raspian distro. The PVTV is recognized by TVHeadend (3.4 as from distro and 3.9 from git tree) but is unable to find any stream. The CableStar is not recognized at all. I found a patch to make it work, but this needs dvb-usb-v2 subsystem not available in 3.4 kernel. Finally I tried my old Terratec T(square) DVB-T. Here scanning t he muxes failed, only one mux can be scanned successful and reveals 4 channels in really good quality.
Update: Out of the 20 muxes provided for my DVB-T area, only one was valid. After adding four more manually, I have the complete set now. So the Terratec T2 works on the BPi

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Reply 7# SebastianB

The PCTV520 now works partially on DVB-C. The muxes with SD channels are found and scanned now. The muxes with the HD channels fail. There is a patch for the symptom I encounter at https://patchwork.linuxtv.org/patch/11310/ .

In general the very old 3.4 kernel from May 2012 is what causes all of the problems I so far had when setting up this as a tvheadend server.

The CableStar is not recognized at all. I found a patch to make it work, but this needs dvb-usb-v2 subsystem not available in 3.4 kernel.

If I remember correctly the Technotrend CT2-4400 DVB-C/T2 stick uses the dvb-usb-v2 subsystem as well and is working with 3.4.90...FM Maxwell is using it.

Can anyone recommend a DVB-S2 Stick that runs out of the box with 3.4.93?

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