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Not too sure if this has been ask already (did try searching).

Currently using a Sandberg HDMI to VGA to connect the pi to a 24" monitor for testing purposes but when the pi get's switched off/ restarted via command line (using Lubuntu 14.04) the resolution drops from 1920x1080 to 1280x768.

I've looked everywhere for a solution to this but can't seem to find anything.
Did you mean that: when you 1st boot the system, the resolution is 1920x1080; the 2nd time you reboot the system, the resolution dropped to 1280x720?

But I remembered that the fex configure file set the resolution for HDMI to 720p. So I am confused that if you got the 1920x1080.

Yeah pretty much. Is this the way it's supposed to be? My main goal for these pi's is to run a stats website which will only display correctly at 1080.

If I power off for about 5 minutes and start up again it'll go back to 1920x1080 which is why I'm confused.

Can I just modify the fex configure file to do 1080p instead. If so where would I find that file (sorry if this is a daft question, still getting to grips with Linux).

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