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One way I've found is to output to ALSA, card  ...
Dave_Driesen Posted at 2014-9-3 14:17

after installing pulseaudio and adding to /etc/pulse/default.pa
your load-module...

I still have the same problem, not possible to route sound over hdmi. It comes over Audio-jack.
i also set card to 1 in /etc/asound.conf

XBMC says in Systemsettings -> audio output -> audio output-device: Error - no devices found.
Before i added the "load-module" to default.pa, you could switch between two pulseaudio settings.

Is there eny progress whit hardware acc. My tv iptv card burned down and i plan change it out whit external banana pi. For that i need hardware acc to watch fullhd tv stream.

I'll try the next days a new setup via new OS, but need some time/days.


Simon iss gread.
I have one error is i have no Sound: I have an Toslink chinch changer ;) I can by your image choose from the sound settings only one driver with output.

Simon iss gread.
I have one error is i have no Sound: I have an Toslink chinch changer ;) I can by  ...
Storm Posted at 2014-10-3 14:58

   You mean from the OS or from XBMC?The only adapter I've tested is a HDMI to Toslink/optic SPDIF converter which works well.
I would suggest you to test it manually first from CLI. In this image, which I know has some big limitations, the audio setup is done passing parameters to mplayer when it's invoked as external player.


Reply 1# xefil
what's root password ?

It's the default password of the Lubuntu image. Should be 'bananapi'

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Greetings to all.
I recently started using the BPI, and I liked this image, but I have a problem with the audio output from XBMC to HDMI-port.

Sound from MPlayer comes out to HDMI fine. (And sound-test out in hdmi too)
I've tried so many different variants that do not know what to do...

- In /etc/asound.conf: fingered different settings
- Installed pulseaudio, in xbmc sunxi-CODEC changed to Pulseaudio Server, but again nothing.
- In /etc/pulse/default.pa: load-module module-alsa-sink device = hw: 1,0
- In ~ /.xbmc /userdata/ created advancedsettings.xml with manual settings
But sound never received.

All this I tried to shuffle, and one successful method An opportunity was blocked by unsuccessful.

If it is possible to see step by step how to run the sound to HDMI from the newly installed image, I would be very grateful.

Hello, first, thanks for your image!
It is very helpful .

Anyway, I have one question. I'm so interest by XBMC at least not directly at startup.
So could you tell me how I could deactivate the automatic start of XBMC and go to the login page?

As a quick workaround, I've renamed the xbmc.bin but it is not so smart .

JeFeH replied at 2014-10-23 10:32
Hello, first, thanks for your image!
It is very helpful .

You should fine a file in '/home/bananapi/.config/autostart/' called xbmc.desktop.
move this file somewhere out of this folder.



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