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The big question is: will it run XBMC ? (HW acceleration ?)
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Based on A20 datasheet, it could run HW acceleration.  But there's no XBMC distribution version available...

May be it's possible to run android version on top of android?

I think maybe the raspberry image for Banana Pi can run XBMC, but it should be build the XBMC.

There's a lot of "maybe's" around this board. Several sources confirm that it won't boot any of the available Raspberry Pi images. XBMC confirms there is no HW acceleration support for the A20 soc. The original Pi with XBMC Gotham seems still to be the best bet.

www.bananapi.org says:

The Best Friend Your TV Ever Had

Capacitive HD Screen 2160P, Multiple OS support.
Sunxi Debian
Android 4.2
FireFox OS(Not ready yet)

It looks like it will support it as work is being done to run on A20.
Look at Vidon.me site they have apk to download
Also look at http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=165232&page=5

I just got XBMC 'frodo' for android running pretty well

Has anyone tried this?  http://www.vidon.me/vidon_xbmc.htm
I have all my gear in pieces but would really like to know if anyone can give this a try.
It would be awesome if it had hardware decoding.

Just don't expect Raspberry Pi images working out of the box... this is not possible...
This board is running really well, we just have to adapt what we think we know (I think I just made the I2C bus working on the banana, with very little effort, just adapting the Raspberry Pi tutorial I made 1 year ago. I'll confirm that).

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