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The modified RPi.GPIO has pre-installed on Raspbian v3.0 and higher version. You can refer to the usage of RPi.GPIO on here:

Every example and tutorials can be directly used on Banana Pi. The pin definition for Banana Pi, please refer to . It is the same as Raspberry Pi B pin definition.

RPi.GPIO-Cheat-Sheet.pdf (747.54 KB, Downloads: 401)
Is it possible to test the RPi.GPIO for correct installation?
Can I also install the RPi.GPIO 0.5.6 version?

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You do only can use the RPi.GPIO modified by us.

Thanks, is it possible to install it separately without to install the image again.
Can I find it on githab or somewhere else?

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I am using the Fedora image on this site, but it does not have the wiringpi library and neither the gpio utility

I have fedora and using wiringpi to control HD44780 based 2 line LCD on a raspberry pi. I am porting my current media player application which displays the song on the lcd to bananapi. Also i am indicating the status of the player using leds. Where can i download the modified wiringpi library and gpio utility

For the moment the library seems to be only available with Raspibian? I managed to make a HD44780 work on Raspibian 3.0.

The publishing policy of the lemaker crowd seems strange. If they want the community to live they should not hessitate to publish their code.

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Because it is a beta version. So we hope users can test it on Raspbian. If it has too much bugs, we would not spread it over.

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