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I'm searching for a good description of the CAN controller. The A20 manual spends only two pages for it. Defenitely not enogh to write a Linux driver for it.
Am new to Linux  and CAN but this is one of the few that have CAN Bus on its interface list.

Will keep an eye on this one - please provide more info

I have a Mars board  and a RPI and a Cubie Board but if CAN works this one will be the best.


What is the problem with providing technical date of the CAN controller? Does really nobody have it?

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We are now trying to make the GPIO library to be compatible with raspberry pi. After that we will work with SPI, I2C and CAN bus

tony_zhang I don't understand your problem. If I can get a good documentation, I can provide CAN support for the BananaPi

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What kind of documentations do you want? If I can provide, I will do that. I am very appreciate that you can support us CAN bus.

Is there currently no support for CAN in Android on the BPi?

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We have port the driver into the kernel now. And we plan to begin to  test it.

Hello Tony, sorry for the silence. I just yesterday got my BananaPi. And now I need the CAN manual. That means a description on all CAN module related registers. I hope the cpu manual has improved over the time. Last time I looked at it, it only had two pages covering CAN.

Reply 8# tony_zhang

are source already available?

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