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This will help, thanks for the link.

Reply 20# tony_zhang

tron1 gave me a link which seems to can answer some of my questions..
Thanks so far to you and tron1


I have a small question related to CanBUS.
do you think it will be possible to drive the CAN Bus interface with Python3 on Raspbian soon or do I have to choose another OS / Language ?
thank you !


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Hello Tony,
software is ready for first tests. I hope you can help with the following questions

CAN TX is available on Connector 3 Pin 16
CAN RX is available on Connector 3 Pin 18

Are these pins 3.3V pins?
which transceiver do Allwinner suggest to use, I assume a 3.3V transceiver?
Can you please confirm?


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Once can4linux will be ready to use on BananaPi, you can use Python.
Please have a look at ... can4linux-examples/


Reply 24# hjoe

I will measure them tomorrow. But I remembered that all pins except the 5V are all 3.3V.

a first version of can4linux for BananaPi is available at
Don't use the download tgz, but use the latest svn version
svn checkout can4linux-code
and do
The kernel needs to be installed

one, perhaps stupid question. How can I use the can interface? Just by putting a mcp2551 at the can tx and rx pins and connect that to the can bus?

Reply 27# hjoe

So awesome work!

Hi guys!

I´m very interested in can bus support for bpi. I´m developing a project that use can bus on rpi and it´s work very well.
Now I want to migrate to bpi, and soon as avaliable can bus support I will test it.

Thanks for your atention! Sorry my bad english!

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