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maybe, I want to use the Banana PI for DJing.

I have a question about the Audio Output, about the 3.5 mm Jack.
Is it a Headphone (for the headphone) out or a line out (for the Mixer)?

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I am not a DJ but it can connect normal 3.5mm earphone... IMG_1955.JPG

I think, the analog audio output of the banana pi is only made for headphone/earphone...

I have quite some trouble getting audio out working from the terminal, alsa and such are not working as expected (using cubieboard image) anyone has a good starting point to make this work? I want to use mpd

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The default mode for audio is HDMI, you should change the mode to Headphone. The cubieboard also has the default HDMI mode for audio.
I will give a manual to set up the audio mode.

ok, thanks, I'm getting further and further on the banana, now also have cups and airprint running, just need the audio and ssd boot (see other post)

Could you share your cups and airprint work on the forum?

thaks for the audio tip, I'll let you know the outcome. About AirPrint - I've more or less used this writeup:

It worked pretty much out of the (linux)box - although I must say - this is not the first install I did with CUPS. You might need to wait a while befor the printed file from the phone is actually printed, this can take a long while.

I find you do a lot about BP, could you share your work with me when you have a new progress??? Could you PM me your skype to add you to my contact or you e-mail?

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