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Hi everyone,
                   I am using Banana Pi with Android as an operating system. Can anyone please tell me the way to access GPIO's of Banana Pi in Android. I have to get sensor values, connected with GPIO's. For example values from digital PIR sensor.  
                   Can anyone please guide me in this regard. It would be great help for me.
Now, there is not an app designed for Banana Pi android

Reply 2# tony_zhang

I know there is no app design for android. But according to my knowledge we can use Sl4A(Scripting Layer for Android) that can be used for python. I want to know that if rpi.GPIO or wiringpi works here fine ?

Reply 3# umar372

We are also working on make the two libraries working on Android for Banana PI.The two now is working on Linux for Banana Pi

Hi tony,

Any news about IO librairies for Android?


hello. very nead gpio/i2c  lib for android....
Any news?

Hi, here is a link to install i2c-tools, a little step to manage gpio on Android
But I found nothing about IO libraries... still searching !

I have seen the Olimex tool, I wonder if it can be adapted for Banana Pi ..(?)

Any news??

Hi Everybody,
I'm new with the banana Pi, I'm looking how to program on Android to use the GPIO (in my case I need to use the GPIO to use the UART) any example on this regard??

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