Working kernel config for sunxi-kernel?

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i received my Banana Pi yesterday and I was not satisfied with the prebuilt images - so I debootstrapped my own debian onto the sd card, but when booting, I (of course) end up without kernel modules.

I wrote down what I did so far in this blog post: http://cbwebs.de/2014/04/install-debian-wheezy-on-your-banana-pi/ - however, when compiling the kernel, I end up having no networking except lo. Does anyone have a working/optimized /proc/config.gz for the sunxi-kernel that he/she could share with me?

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For Ethernet, please enable GMAC and disable EMAC configuration

Thank you for your reply. Adding sunxi_gmac to /etc/modules did the trick.

However it seems to only be working rarely. 2 in 3 times I boot it, I can't use the network even though eth0 exists. ping says "no route to host" (for manual ip config) and dhclient is not able to aquire an IP address.

Any ideas?

I have the same problem...Do you have any solution now ?

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First you should open gamc and close the emac on kernel menu. And then check the fex or configure has enable the gmac, and has the corrected setting. And then the driver should modified.

When I use uImage from Cubieboard_for_BananaPI image, so the network works good. It means, that i have a mistake in kernel config. I set SUNXI_EMAC=n and SUNXI_GMAC=y, but the network not works. Maybe the problem is in kernel version, I use 3.4.79 instead of 3.4.61, because in 3.4.61 kernel menu I didn't find G2D parameter.

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Update kernel should do some modifies. Could you post your work here on forum?

I 've had the same problem. Even if I use the script.bin that came with the Lubuntu image. Could you guys (bananapi staff) post exactly what modifications you need to do to make the ethernet work ? I mean , is there any patches to apply to the stock sun-xi kernel? Can you post a howto on how to compile the kernel ourselves? Thanks!

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/*The problem is with DHCP only. When I setup static IP the network works good.</s>*/

The problem is not with DHCP only, static IP not works too. Testing is complicated by the fact that the network works only sporadically.

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The gmac driver from sunxi is modified by ourselves, we will release the patches out together with the newest image.

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