Working kernel config for sunxi-kernel?

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Release the GMAC driver please, if you have it....The development is very restrictive without the network. The kernel 3.4.61 from Cubieboard_for_Banana image supports network but G2D not.  It is unusable for the next development.

The new kernel 3.4.86 from sunxi has the gmac driver. This week I will release the image using newest kernel, and patches for GAMC.

Excellent. We will wait for it!


I've attached my build script on an ubuntu 12.04 box to build a bananapi kernel for debian wheezy.

There is also the default kernel config I use thats works.

The github of voiceshen has all the patches - except it is missing a machid for the u-boot

#define CONFIG_MACH_TYPE        4283

In the u-boot/include/configs/bananapi.h. Otherwise it will complain of not knowing the correct machine id.

And various patches I use - axp20 power sensors, ax88878a usb card etc etc.

Hope this helps on your travels?

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where is the patch ?

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    It's the zip file attachment, bananapi.zip .   The script needs some corrections but it's a pretty good guide to getting the job done.

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