Compiling driver for DVB-C stick (TT CT2-4400) SOLVED

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Hey Sashijoseph,
you are right, the kernel sources not installed by default,  I just copied my cross compiled kernel over to the BPi yesterday for a final test, without luck getting rid of the exec error.

Ok, as I understand you right, to be 100% originial kernel settings compatible, Tony should ship the images with complete kernel sources
included or should at least give us the original Module.symvers, right?


Yup...for compiling out-of-tree modules for the running kernel,we would need the kernel sources(which we have as provided by Lemaker),the .config used to configure the running kernel(which again we have from /proc/config.gz) and module.symvers which sadly,we don't.

But then,with your x-compiled kernel as the current one,the error should've gone.
It hasn't,so we'll have to look further and deeper....

Hello Sashijoseph,
thanks for clearing that up, I already contacted Tony for the file.

And no, I am NOT running the cross compiled kernel on my device, I just copied over the sources which I needed for compiling the DVB modules directly on the BPi.

So I am still using the stock kernel. I haven't read into how I can transfer the cross compiled kernel over to the device. Hope it is not too difficult, so I maybe try it tonight...

Does that mean that everybody cross compiling out of tree modules for their BPis using NOT a self compiled kernel should have the troubles I have, because they all miss the Module.symvers?


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Holy cow, it works with my self cross compiled kernel!!!! No need to force the modules anymore!!!!

I just switched the uIMAGE file on the sd card for the kernel, that was quite simple. :-D

And yes, of course now all the other modules don't like to be loaded. But a "make install" from the linux source directory on my running BPi should give me working modules, right?

Damn it, I wanted this to be a short night...... ;-)


PS: Why do all those things need to be so complicated?
PPS: My self compiled kernel says this: Linux bpi 3.4.90 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Aug 8 22:51:31 CEST 2014 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
Aren't there a lot of "armv7ls" and why is that "#1" there?

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Okay, this deserves another standalone post. Now it REALLY works!

Sashijoseph, your advise to use my cross compiled kernel was the key, no more error messages, no more forcing in rc.local! The DVB sticks perfectly auto initialized on boot. On my previous post I got the error for the other modules because now it was the other way around: My cross compiled media_build DVB modules play nice with the kernel because they were directly compiled against it. After I installed the cross compiled kernel modules, they started to play nice again as well. Pretty sure some kernel switches don't match perfectly as before or I guess or I don't know, but I actually don't care right now. The things I want working, WORK! :-D

What a journey, I sure hope to get the Module.symvers from Tony to retry just installing my DVB modules. Now I want ERVERYTHING perfect. :-D

Folks, that's it for tonight for me, I will enjoy some random zapping on my HTPC now which gets the channels blazingly fast streamed from my BPi with TVHeadend (faster than the PCIe card in my HTPC), powered by my own kernel and self compiled DVB modules, yeah. :-D

Special thanks to Sashijoseph again for sticking to this thread with great advise!

Cheers Maxwell

hey Cheers Maxwell...

So now,more or less,we can pin the error on Module.symvers ,though it can only be confirmed if Tony provides the file and you could build the modules against it.

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Module.symvers.tar.gz (145.43 KB, Downloads: 188)

Perfect, thanks a lot! I will happily test it out as soon as possible!


Sadly, I wasn't able to get rid of the "format exec error" on modprobe with that file. Forcing works fine though.

Everything works great when I use the cross compiled kernel and its modules plus the cross compiled DVB modules. It is all or nothing. :-) But I use the right .config so I guess my self compiled kernel is identical to the one in the image, or at least almost. So I can live with the fact to use my own kernel. ;-)

I probably missed something in the process. I will post my compile way in the other thread "Please provide Module.symvers"

Thanks anyways

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I updated the Github yesterday. It is the same as I used in the latest images.

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