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As far as I see there seems to be no LIRC support of any kind so far.

Am I right?

Is LIRC support for the internal IR-reciever in development?

I have been using the lirc-pi module so far. This allows to connect a IR-reciever directly to a GPIO port. To have this kind of support would be great as it allows for the cheapest and most simple recievers.
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What do you need lirc for?
The kernel maps the infrared into a keyboard and works without lirc.
You have to change the script.bin file to fix the spelling mistake from ir_rx to ir0_rx
  1. [ir_para]
  2. ir_used = 1
  3. ir0_rx = port:PB04<2><default><default><default>
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Then it will start working as a keyboard.
I am still looking into mapping the keys. Just haven't had time lately.
The kernel sets up a default key map. If you compile your own kernel you can turn this off.
If you turn it off lirc should work.
I think there is a program call keybinder that will map your keys but I don't know how to use it.

I use irxevent to send keys and irexec, I use LIRC to start a program.

I think that many people will want to use LIRC as there are tons of libraries and programs out there supporting LIRC.

How could I turn this off and use lirc?

So the current implementation will map to a keyboard? How does this work? There are thousands of different remotes out there and you might want to map any of those to a key.

Yeah that's fine i just wanted to know what you were using it for.
I am looking into how to turn it off through recompiling the kernel.
Well it just works like any other keyboard. You press a key on a remote and it sends that key like number 1 and it would type number 1.
And you can change the key to suit your remote.

If you could try to find out how LIRC support could be possible that would be great!

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Hello, i have a problem with Lirc and sending IR Signals via gpio. Nearly the same configuration is alreadey working with the raspberry pi.
I have build an IR Sending Diode described on this page ... &postID=1297086
I have installed Lirc, and changed the skript bin. With gpio write 1 and gpio write 0 i can alreadey switch off and on the IR Diode. But i want to send the right hex values to control other devices. Now my Problem is the LIRC. Or is there any other way to send IR Signals to GPIO pins ?

This is in my etc/modules

lirc_rpi gpio_out_pin=3"

If load_modules is "false" in my hardware.conf i can start lirc and when i try to send
with  :

"irsend SEND_ONCE HA_Receiver KEY_POWER"

i get this Problem :

"irsend: command failed: SEND_ONCE HA_Receiver KEY_POWER
irsend: hardware does not support sending"

if load modules is true i can not start lirc and get this error

[ ok ] Loading LIRC modules:.
[FAIL] Unable to load LIRC kernel modules. Verify your ... failed!
[FAIL] selected kernel modules in /etc/lirc/hardware.conf ... failed!

This is my hardware.conf with the different values i tried out
  1. # /etc/lirc/hardware.conf
  2. #
  3. # Arguments which will be used when launching lircd
  4. LIRCD_ARGS=""

  5. #Disable kernel support.
  6. #Typically, lirc will disable in-kernel support for ir devices in order to
  7. #handle them internally.  Set to false to prevent lirc from disabling this
  8. #in-kernel support.

  10. #Enable lircd
  11. START_LIRCD="true"

  12. #Don't start lircmd even if there seems to be a good config file
  13. #START_LIRCMD=false

  14. #Don't start irexec, even if a good config file seems to exist.
  15. #START_IREXEC=false

  16. #Try to load appropriate kernel modules
  17. #LOAD_MODULES=true

  18. # Run "lircd --driver=help" for a list of supported drivers.
  19. DRIVER="devinput"
  20. #"default"

  21. # usually /dev/lirc0 is the correct setting for systems using udev

  22. DEVICE="/dev/input/event0"
  23. #"/dev/lirc0"

  24. MODULES="sun4i_ir"
  25. #"lirc_rpi"

  26. # Default configuration files for your hardware if any
  27. LIRCD_CONF=""
  28. LIRCMD_CONF=""
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Can someone please help me ?

Reply 6# ezio204 Follow the Q15. I have use the LIRC to configure my IR and use IR control in XBMC.

Thank you, for your fast repley. I changed my hardware.conf and now i can start Lirc with "loadmodules=true". but i still get the message : irsend: hardware does not support sending . I think this tutorial is only for reciving ir signals. Or am i wrong ?

Reply 8# ezio204

  The if in the Banana Pi is the receiver, not sender

I know the Module on the board is for Receiving but i use an IR Sending Diode :
"i have a problem with Lirc and sending IR Signals via gpio. Nearly the same configuration is alreadey working with the raspberry pi.
I have build an IR Sending Diode described on this page ... &postID=1297086"  

And i want to send via gpio pins not via Hardware on Board.

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