HDMI to VGA converter not working.

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Hello Friends,I have a Lilliput 7" touchscreen and wanting Banana Pi to connect to it. It has only VGA and Svideo input. VGA doesnt work but S-video works only on Android OS. The HDMI to VGA converter throws "Out of range" error.
I was wondering if there is any setting in some config file from where I can tell Banana pi to use lower resolution or boot in "safe mode" so tht it looks for any output?
Thanks guys
If you are use the Linux OS such as Lubuntu or Raspbian, you can change the display setting in the script.bin file in the first partition of the SD card.
1st find the script.bin file , and transform it to .fex file. See here
Use the bin2fex tool.
And then you can get a .fex file. Edit the fex file. refer to .
And then use fex2bin tool to tranform the fex file to script.bin file.
You also need change some value in the uEnv.txt file

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   Here an example to edit the video output

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