LeMaker Guitar Case for Base Board B

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actkk2000 replied at Tue Oct 20, 2015 14:18
Hi MKT team!
I would also like a piece of Guitar but in my case to test it as a replacement of Ras ...

LeMaker Moderator,
Glad to receive your message and of course we should send you a pcs of guitar because of your contribution to LeMaker community. ;)
LeMaker Guitar is fully compatible with Raspbian and 40 GPIO pins of Raspberry.  But we'll not release Raspbian image officially.

Could you send me your address and mobile phone number? We'll arrange it soon. ;)

MKT replied at Thu Oct 22, 2015 00:09
LeMaker Moderator, Glad to receive your message  and of course we should ...

PM sent! ty!

nice design

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jacer replied at Oct 13, 2015 09:27
Can you send me a sample of Guita? I would like to test and make it working as a Office PC.

Guitar.not Guita

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