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in one test, I burn the diode D5 that it on the bottom part of the board near the micro-USB of the power supply input (DC-IN).
Could any one know, or read what are wrotten over the D5 diode?

I want to change it,but as I comment, I probably burn this diode and I can read nothing in it.

Thanks !
Probably this is 1N5819

It's 1N5819        (SCHOTTKY DIODE) package type:SOD123

Reply 1# manuelpc2002

   The con3 pin can not connect with 5V voltage.

Reply 2# sylwek2k

   Thank you, I change the diode and now is ok.

Reply 3# Raymond

      Thank you, I change the diode and now is ok.

I have the same problem! But unfortunately a new D5 diode didn't solve the problem.
What else can be wrong?

I had connected a powered USB-hub. Afterwards it smells and the D5 diode was burned.
Now after repair of the diode the BPi still doesn't power on.
The power consumption is 560mA and the AXP209 is hot. But nothing else happens (no LED).
Is there a schematic available to have a closer check.  Or which part can be broken?

Reply 7# erichabg

    link to Banana pi schema

eric, it could possibly be the voltage regulator. Since changing the diode didn’t help, t meant that there is a short in the power supply circuit somewhere else. You can either look at the circuit or physically inspect it for any damages or suspicious components or you can take a multimeter and check the circuit for shorting. There could be some damaged track or pad at the PCB level as well so you have to be a bit more careful in that.

Or you are using a crappy power supply...

You know how many amps it puts out?

You could always use a REALLY BIG diode, but yeah -- I agree seems like your problem is elsewhere.

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