Android 5.0 ?

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Hi im a new Banana Pro owner and i was woundering if there still is any Development on the pro model ?

since alla the softwares that i could find is eather unfinnished or a totaly disaster, i thought that i ask before i put the thing in the grill.

Really amazing

I did not get your question properly, because I did not found here enough information. So I request you to put more information on it and after that, you can go to Epson Customer Support for help, here I will be sure to find your solution.

When a heads up notification comes with Android five.1, in during you ’re searching at the screen, now you could swipe it up to disregard it however nevertheless hold it within the notifications color and status bar. Maybe this is not a  massive alternate, however, it is able to be an increase for game enthusiasts. Regrettably, the notifications ticker is still in limbo though, however, there's a logo-new icon for whilst no SIM card is inserted. You recognize Cos that happens very lots.  Top nursing coursework writers UK

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