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Just unwrapped my banana pro and flashed a 32gb card.

Banana pi pro keeps shutting down.
Has only successfully booted once.

99% of the time will just shut down with the power light showing red.

Power supply is an original cellphone charger rated @ 700ma

Am I correct in thinking this supply is not strong enough ?


Yes this is likely and ensure power is plugged into correct socket and not OTG. If using generic USB power supply ensure cable is decent also. I had several problems like this that were corrected with a decent 2A power supply and thick cable. But I was also powering a SATA SSD so my situation was not exactly the same.

If you're having a disk attached, you need at least 1.5 or 2A power supply.

I did successfully run my bPro with a 500mA powersupply, but only in headless situation : as soon as you're using graphics, the system shutdown as there is no enough power.
I think also it's stressful for the electronics (both the PSU and the SBC) so I did it only as a fast test : for normal usage, I'm using 2A+ PSU.

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