Just getting the red light of death

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Bought this item, came with fast shipping. was very excited to boot it up and try it out. Did not boot, just got a red LED and that was it.

Wasted about 8 hours trying to get this to boot, went thru multiple power supplies and sd cards to make sure i wasn't doing something wrong.

Not sure at this point if i just got a DoA board and unlucky so I've been switching power supplies, or SD cards. I've tried 2 different OS's. Searched the forums here, and really can't find much other the supplies and cards. can't think of anything more to search.

Anyone have any idea's before I return this and go to another product?
I suggest to have a look on the console : you need a 3.3v to USB converter.
Your board will tell you what is going wrong.

Thanks for the reply, got it up and running, user error. having some fun with it now. Have a great day.

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