No + 5V supply Sata (Banana PRO)

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Connected to the Banana PRO li-ion battery 3,7V. The problem when running on battery. In standalone mode, the USB ports on the power remains, but on the connector for SATA HDD power disappears.
That's normal behaviour with the Bananas. The SATA power connector is directly connected to power-in. Therefore it neither works to power a SATA disk this way when you power the board through USB OTG nor a LiPo battery.

You could try to extract the 5V available on the USB ports and use this to power the disk. There's the PMU and a DC boost converter in between the battery and the USB ports so that might work if the AXP209 simply provides a high amperage on the USB ports and does not USB power management (since then per port might only be 100 mA possible) and your disk is energy efficient and doesn't need to spin up when running on battery (peak consumption at spin-up might exceed what's possible when misusing the USB ports to power a disk)

Yes, my usb port powered hard drive. Offline mode works. It turns out I can supply power to the banana connector to power the SATA?

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