boot Bnana Pro from a Hd

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Hi everybody.
I am a B Pro owner.
I will like to know if it is possible to boot from a Hd (sata or usb) instead from sd card.
thank you for helping me!
not possible. You need an SD card, at least for boot loader, the rest can be loaded from SATA / USB.

thank you for your reply igorpec
can you be so kind to explain me (i am a very linux newbie) how to put bootloader to sd and boot from hd OS?
thank you!

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  • Burn desired OS image on SD card. You will find there two partitions. First contains files needed by bootloader (FAT). Second partition has OS files (EXT2 or EXT4 whatever)
  • open uEnv.txt located on first partition
  • change root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 to root=/dev/sda1
  • copy files from second partition to your HDD - preserve filesystem type.
  • done. Your Banana will boot from SD but OS will be loaded from HDD

Igor is the maintainer of Armbian: http://www.armbian.com/documentation/

If you use his images then you could simply call a script that does the job (look for "How to install to NAND, SATA & USB?" in the documentation link above).

Unfortunately the last answer is wrong in many regards. Not every image uses 2 partitions, the whole stuff works also when you have just one (like with Armbian), then today you most likely won't use or even find uEnv.txt any more since the stuff is located in boot.cmd which has to be translated to boot.scr after the root= modification.

And then it's a really bad idea to reference partitions by something like sda1 since this numbering might change if you add an USB thumb drive or another disk. Better use PARTUUID/GUID of the partition. It's 2015 and the UUID concept works.

many thanks!

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