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WTF?! The forum software also sucks! Destroyed list formatting and no way to edit the post. Why the hell LeMaker is constantly decreasing the quality of this forum?

Maybe it's the best idea to stop writing here now that LeMaker gave up Banana Pi/Pro and start completely over at armbian.com!

tkaiser replied at Mon Oct 12, 2015 07:55
I don't know whether that's dangerous or not. Such temperatures might be quite normal. Let's look  ...

Still the temperature. This is the first problem that talked with Actions. The S500 behave higher temperature than other SoC.
We also have done some improvement to make it better.
1. Make the guitar core board to 8 layer.
2. Leave a hole on the core board so we can use a copper post between the Guitar core board and baseboard so we can transfer some heat the baseboard.
3. Test many heat sink and fan to decrease the heat.
4. Run at 1.1GHz with out heat sink, although the temperature is higher than other SoC, but it can work for long time. We have set up some sever for 7/24. And we did stress test for each board above 48hours running Games and play video at the same time.
5. Run at 1.3GHz, if we do not run benchmarks, it can work normally, but the best way I suggest is to use a heat sink or a fan.
6. The S500 manuals is written by Actions, but we will surely add the temperature test data on the wiki or on the forum.

Even 1.1 GHz can be a problem if the Guitar is in a small enclosure with no airflow around SoC/PMU. This is something you should write in red letters in the quick start guide, a manual and the Guitar's wiki (which is pretty useless as information source currently due to a missing 'recent changes' page and the quality of contents).

This thing gets really hot so people designing enclosures have to be aware of the issue. Currently I have the impression that I'm the only/first one of the many people who got a Guitar for reviewing that had a look at temperatures?!

And neither operation as a server 24/7 or playing video/games for 48 hours is close to a real burn-in test and if I understand correctly neither you nor Actions Semi has started to let a couple of S500 run at 1.3 GHz for months with different cooling solutions to get an idea how the maximum clock speed influences the achievable life span of the device?

If I would advertise a SoC of being capable of running at 'up to 1.3 GHz' this would be the first thing I would've done months ago. It's about worst case conditions and not light workloads that not even benefit from high CPU clock speeds.

And WTF is wrong with the forum? Why do the edit links for posts not exist any longer? In the past you could edit your own posts indefinitely, when you restructured the forums only posts not older than 2 hours were able to be edited and now the functionality is completely gone? WTF!

Don't you realise that a forum offering mostly useless/empty stuff (all the Piano and Bass subforums with exactly zero contents that are only wasting space and scare people away) is counterproductive. Can't you measure in the logs that accesses drop down?

tkaiser replied at Tue Oct 13, 2015 14:43
And WTF is wrong with the forum? Why do the edit links for posts not exist any longer? In the past y ...

I can see the edit posts button.

Edited by tony_zhang at Tue Oct 13, 2015 21:13
tkaiser replied at Tue Oct 13, 2015 14:37
Even 1.1 GHz can be a problem if the Guitar is in a small enclosure with no airflow around SoC/PMU.  ...

http://wiki.lemaker.org/LeMaker_Guitar  Quick Start
I have add a short description in the wiki, and will build a new wiki page to decribel this more detail.

tony_zhang replied at Wed Oct 14, 2015 03:57
I can see the edit posts button.

You can still edit a post you just wrote, but after something (time limit ? Or as soon as you have an answer ?) the edit button is not there anymore.

It's annoying, for example I wanted to complete or correct my Android Review once I will be able to make it run at full HD :/

Ah no, I was wrong ! Here I cannot edit my last comment !



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