banana pro wifi problems

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Hi, i am trying to setup the wifi with the antenna on the BPro package (i have installed the Bananian-15.08).
I follow this procedure:

I modify the file /etc/modules
i added a new line with "ap6210"

I configured the file /etc/network/interfaces as follows (i want static ip address)
  1. auto wlan0
  2. allow-hotplug wlan0
  3. iface wlan0 inet static
  4. address
  5. netmask
  6. gateway
  7. wpa-ap-scan 1
  8. wpa-scan-ssid 1
  9. wpa-ssid "WLAN-NAME"
  10. wpa-psk "WLAN-KEY"
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At the start of the pc i got error message:
[ap6210] parse sdio_wifi_pro_used failed in script.fex
[ap6210] no wifi type selected, please ceck your config
[ap6210] failed to power up wifi chip

can someone help me (i'm a very linux beginner)

Are you using the correct script.bin? Use 'bananian-config' to change board configuration to 'Banana Pro'

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