Sata ssd configuration on bananian 15.08 for banana pi pro.

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In order to have enough space on its server home we installeras bananian 15.08 on a SATA drive. This has the advantage that you can also place reliable databases on the SATA drive.

-In The first to know or what is the HDD with lsblk order, normally it is this
  / dev / sda.


sda 8: 0 0 0 931,5G disk
mmcblk0 179 0 0 0 7.4 g disk
├─mmcblk0p1 179: Part 1 0 0 20M
└─mmcblk0p2 179 2 0 0 7.4 g Part

-preparation of the disc:

enter: fdisk / dev / sda then ENTER
you must remove all existing partitions.

Type: d then ENTER

If you have multiple partitions, starting with the partitions 1, entry 1 and then ENTER
Continue for the remaining partitions.

Type d then ENTER

Input 2 then ENTER

continue until all partitions are deleted.

Write the change in the partition table.
Type: w and ENTER

-Creates A new partition.

Enter: fdisk / dev / sda then ENTER
Type: n then ENTER
Type: p then ENTER
Type: 1 then ENTER
then press ENTER 2 times

Write Changes bring ala partition table.

Type: w and ENTER

-Back To the terminal prompt, format the disk and mount it as ext4 / dev / sda1

Type: mke2fs -t ext4 rootfs -L / dev / sda1 then ENTER

-Now, You must copy the contents of the SD card to the HDD SATA.

Creates a temporary mount point.

Type: mkdir / tmp / sata then ENTER

mount the drive in the / tmp / sata

Type: mount / dev / sda1 / tmp / sata then ENTER

Copy SD to SATA, it may take about 5 minutes.

Type: rsync -arx --progress / / tmp / sata then ENTER

-Modification To boot from the sata.

Type: apt-get install u-boot-tools then ENTER

Type: mount / dev / mmcblk0p1 / mnt / then ENTER

Type: cd / mnt then ENTER

Type: nano boot.cmd then ENTER

Change the parameter root = / dev / mmcblk0p2 by root = / dev / sda1 to move the cursor, it may be that there was this two line edit the file boot.cmd so look good.

Type: mkimage -C none -A arm -T script -d boot.cmd boot.scr then ENTER

Type: sync then ENTER

Type: shutdown -r now and then ENTER

Now see if the HDD is used.

Enter: df -h then ENTER

This is what is done, have fun
Using fdisk instead of parted (MBR vs. GPT) and static references like root=/dev/sda1 instead of the partition's PARTUUID/GUID is always a very bad idea: ... =8537&fromuid=33332 ... 63062&fromuid=33332

tkaiser replied at Thu Oct 8, 2015 06:38
Using fdisk instead of parted (MBR vs. GPT) and static references like root=/dev/sda1 instead of the ...

hello tkaiser,

you say has used fdisk instead of gparted, but I use fdisk.

I do not know what you mean ???

a +

I meant "Using fdisk instead of parted (MBR vs. GPT) ... is always a very bad idea". At least the last few years and regarding the disk sizes we have today.

This is the most important sentence in fdisk's manual page:
fdisk doesn't understand GUID Partition Table (GPT) and it is not designed for large partitions. In particular case use more advanced GNU parted(8).

But since most stuff on the internet is just copy&paste from somewhere else tutorials recommending outdated tools are created again and again.

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