Banana Pro with Android official image booting error

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I tried to using official android image "Android For BananaPro HDMI v1507" to BPro board.
Using banana Pro , HDMI HDMI cable with samsungLS23C340H  monitor connected.

Download image from lemaker web.
Android For BananaPro HDMI v1507
read image then Format with startup mode.
Burn the image
Burning Ing..


Soft eject then remove sd card from PC andinsert to BPro.
Power inserted also push reset button.
But there is no message from monitor.
Any problem with my fusing procedure?


No problem but you should try with another SD card, just in case...
Also try with another distro to see if works...

Do you see a DHCP lease offered by your DHCP server ? (typically your Internet box).
If not, that would mean your BPi is not starting at all. Try another SD Card as advised by actkk2000.
If yes, it could be a display issue (DVI/HDMI adaptor may be an issue with Android).

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