Fix analog audio crackling without disabling HDMI out?

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I just received my very first BananaPro (yay!), and I'm having problems with the analog audio input jack that many others on this forum have been experiencing: when headphones are plugged in, there's a "pop" sound every second; when a microphone is plugged in, the audio capture is distorted with heavy "crackling" sounds.

I've read other threads about this issue, and it seems like the only solution being offered (unless I've missed something) is to totally disable display--but one of my project's requirements is working video/audio output via HDMI.  Is there any way to use the analog audio jack to capture clean sound, without disabling HDMI video or audio?

Thank-you very much for any help you can provide.


have only used the analog out for testing purposes, some time ago. That has worked so far, no audible distortions so far (but for sure the BaPi is not a HiFi device with 0,001% THD). But the audio was much better than with a Raspi B.

Some thoughts regarding your prob:

- maybe you have less crackling using another powersupply.
- maybe soldering some electrolytic condensators on the PCB helps (but invalidates the warranty)

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