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Lubuntu 16.04 LTS (ELAR-Systems Version)

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Here is a Download link for eMMC (.fw) image which you can directly load to the eMMC of your LeMaker Guitar device via 'Actions Firmware Update' Tool:
This Image has been fully customized and worth a try:

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and tell us, is the resolution just 1024x600 upscaled to fullHD or is it real 1920 x 1080?

Yes mate, this is the known issue which LeMaker are working on that.
That's not an OS issue. It's a hardware issue which LeMaker knows it and are going to make a new driver to be able to support HDMI to be as Master.
It should be fixed soon....
By the way, It doesn't matter as a point of OS view.
You can later on replace the kernel files on partition 1 and you will be able to see the new resolutions.
I am waiting for that too...

Well, as long is it does not play nice with HDMI it is not worth spending time in flashing the ROM /SDcard.

Beside from Kodi I would anyway run it headless with Webinterface. May be something like this I would
like to have, but I don't know if there are enough sensors on the boards, to read out, to have fun

Do you already have a Webserver running headless ?

Could you please test if you can rotate the screen on linux (Portrait mode)? There seems to have some support for rotation in kernel, perhaps PVR has implemented something about.

At the moment Kernel Device Tree is fixed the LCD resolution to 1024x600 which is Portrait.
And this is the resolution you see on HDMI as secondant as well.
LeMaker is going to update the deriver to support more display resolutions and HDMI to be the master.
So at the moment there is no option for rotating the screen as far as I could found.
Any time spending on this will be waste of time as this driver will be upgraded soon.

Should look at the device tree and driver setup later on to see if rotation can be done through Device Tree or even through UserSpace.

Hope it helps,

sghazagh replied at Wed Oct 21, 2015 21:11
At the moment Kernel Device Tree is fixed the LCD resolution to 1024x600 which is Portrait. ...

When you feel it is ready, change (dts) bootrotate = <3>;  (0, 1, 2 3) to have the FB rotate CCW and we shall see if X11 can handle and please post the results.

On my side, I'm trying to use dsi interface in the dts in place of lvds, as in the s500_actuino_1080p.dts file from android sources.

I'll post the result once done (complete try is on my Github repo there: https://github.com/ChrisP-Android/android-actions )

I was thinking to have dual boot for Android and Linux on Guitar.
We can use Recovery partition to implement the Linux Kernel.

But I didn't started with Android yet as I was busy with creating my own Distros to be used on Guitar.

Have you found how we can switch to Android Recovery Mode on Guitar?
I couldn't be success for any key combination press and it seems that the "Boot To Recovery" apps on Google Play Market cannot do it well either.
I can see the recovery Logo but it stuck on Recovery logo and cannot go further. I am not sure it's Recovery problem or App stuck to load the requirements.

Any clue on this one, or have you got your hand dirty on this one?

Apparently it's invoked when you just use the reset settings from android settings (it's the only way I tried up to now). As alternative way I would try using adb command (I explain how to install usb adb driver in my android review).so that you could use adb command through usb3 host connector.

in addition, since I validated my experiment to have full HD resolution on android with hdmi, You could give it a try for your linux port, it's only dts modification on uboot and kernel, it should work as well.

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