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ChrisP replied at Thu Oct 22, 2015 15:16
Apparently it's invoked when you just use the reset settings from android settings (it's the only wa ...

I actually did!
I have tried to change the LCD resolution in dts file but the Kernel couldn't compiled!
I might give it another go but I think the LeMaker was not going to work on new driver if it was that easy to adjust it in Kernel!!!

Edited by ChrisP at Fri Oct 23, 2015 11:12

Well I think that Lemaker still need to work on a new driver because we're not covering the same use-case.

What I did was just to cover the case when you are connecting to a fullHD screen with HDMI cable only.
What Lemaker needs to do is to implement a versatile solution to cover multiple resolution with multiple screen combination (HDMI full HD + LVDS 480p, LVDS only, as other many examples  ...).

What I did was not just changing the LCD interface but swapping the LCD interface with DSI interface and changing base resolution + various timing).

(Well written like that it's pompeus, I just copy/paste the appropriate code from another dts ;) )
and yes please try it, I just put that on a clear commit on github so that it could be shared and enhanced


I just made another try using LCD settings in dts in place of using DSI, it just compiled right and did the same result with real 1080P on hdmi. You can check the last commit on my Guitar Android repo.

I could manage to get the 1920x1080p Full HD reolution on Linux.
I don't know why I made a such silly mistake! I always was updating only the kernel and not both kernel and device tree.
Anyway, have a look on my Linux posts and this post if you want to see the result and download the device tree and kernel image:  http://forum.lemaker.org/thread-22612-1-1.html

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