bananian 15.08 xfce4 the video acceleration

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Hello ,
I install bananian 15.08 xfce4 with mplayer and also to see video.

I read on the site that bananian Mali 400 off video acceleration (making a total of 970 MB of RAM usable, if no video acceleration is required.)

but as I am a novice, how should you do to set the video acceleration.

I have a banana pi pro.

thanks for your help .

ps: I speak French so I use a translator.
MALI 400 has nothing to do with video acceleration.

More info:

Hello everyone ,
when I want to download libvdpau-sunxi, I get an error.

root@bananapi ~ # git clone
Clonage dans 'libvdpau-sunxi'...
fatal: unable to access '': Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out
128 root@bananapi ~ #

someone could send me the zip file.

thank you very much.

Hello everyone,

I was able to download the driver libvdpau-sunxi, the server had to be overload.

I looked in the / dev / cedar_dev, but there is not.
as I was, I looked at the groups he had on my sdcard, I have not found the root group.

can you tell me the way to follow for the installation to work correctly.

Thank you

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