USB3 how to get it work?

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J6 = USB3 connector on the Base Board

Device Mode = to flash eMMC
You connect your PC with a USB Standard-A Plug  to  LeMaker Guitar with an USB2 Micro-B Plug.

HOST Mode = like a PC
You can use USB3 host interface with an USB3 Micro-B Connector.  So you can connect a mobile harddisk to your LeMaker Guitar.
But to do so, you need an OTG cable (On-The-Go).

According to the LeMaker Team there are different OTG cable on the market, but as this is a standard - this statement does not make sense.
Here is more information:
Revision 1.0 of the USB On-The-Go and Embedded Host Supplement to the USB 3.0 Specification enhances these scenarios by adding SuperSpeed capability to USB On-The-Go and is released as part of the USB 3.0 Specification package.
And more here:

@ Tony: Can you please update the Wiki with the text above, so it is easier to understand.
And also the spreadsheet of yours (at the bottom) is opposite to the USB-Standard spreadsheet just above - so it is very hard to read :-(  (please keep the same order for both)

According to schematics, it's the state of the Micro-USB port's Pin 4 to choose between host/device mode. And if we can interpret all those funny images in LeMaker's wiki correctly then two totally different cables are needed because all USB3 pin mappings are completely different:

Hi LeMaker Team,

I have seen that you completely rebuilt the USB3 page, but you left the miracle open about the OTG cable.
Two things are missing:

  • Is there an official documentation about this cable or did you simple wrongly design the PrintedCircuitBoard?
  • If you believe that such a cable can be bought on the market (not marketing) where and which part-number. Your new page in the Wiki fits perfect for that.
  • When do you expect to receive a driver from Action Semi that works well for USB?

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Tido replied at Wed Oct 21, 2015 04:24
Hi LeMaker Team,

I have seen that you completely rebuilt the USB3 page, but you left the miracle op ...

Hi, Tido
We refer the USB3.0 standard specification to design the USB 3.0 Mirco-B Receptacle  on the board. For more details , you can view the "Universal Serial Bus 3.0 Specification" in section or "Universal Serial Bus 3.1 Specification Revision1.0" in section which can download from the website at The Cubieboard 4 has same interface design about the USB3.0 Mirco-B Receptacle on the board.
The USB3.0 on the Guitar board can work well,  you can view the test of the speed by visiting the website at  . Meanwhil, The Actions are developing the UASP functions.

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