Pi boots randomly when cron.daily runs

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I have a BPi-M1 running Bananian 15.08 r1 headless with root filesystem on an ssd as seafile server.  

Most of the time it runs fine, but after some days it boots shortly after cron.hourly is executed. There are no user crontabs and the stock fake-hwclock script is the only one in /etc/cron.hourly.

Unfortunately do these reboots differ from normal ones: The pi cannot be accessed by ssh and seafile afterwards. Also worrying: The green hartbeat led does not blink while the pi is in that state.

What is going on?

maybe I found the cause myself:
The boot messages found in syslog after the cron.daily have a timestamp shortly after the cron.daily entry (which saves the current time to the fake-hwclock file).
So this is not because the reboot happened shortly after cron.daily, but because the pi hung until I did the manual reboot.
Because there is no real hwclock, the boot messages have the timestamps of the last fake-hwclock filewrite.
It does not boot randomly , it hangs randomly.
One problem solved, another (worse) problem found

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