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Xubuntu 15.04 (ELAR-Systems Version)

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Hi all,
Happy to announs that I have successfully created anothe Linux image for LeMaker Guitar.
This time Xubuntu 15.04 which features the XFCE Desktop.



Xubuntu 15.04 (ELAR-Systems Version) - SD Image:

Have a look on my other post (HERE) explaining implementation of an OS from SD to eMMC and having 'SwithOS' button should you have any other OS installed on you Deive.

Note: The Kernel also has been modified a little bit on this release so the Green LED shows the eMMC activity, and Blue LED is on.

UPDATE (2015/10/26) : Download and replace the kernel Image (uImage) and Device Tree (kernel.dtb) for having 1920x1080p Full HD Display Resolution.   (Download)

Hope you like to experienc different Desktops


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