will you update the Kernel to version 3.10.78 (LTS) ?

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Edited by hnsncxy at Dec 09, 2015 10:05
If you say that the 'new display structure' will be the last version of Actions Semi's SDK do you mean that they stop supporting you so you have to deal on your own with driver and hardware issues? Is this already Actions Semi's confession that their 'open source' engagement has failed or do they continue to give the impression a relabeled ATM7059 would be the basis of an open source movement (or something even weirder than that)?

Please don't misunderstand what i said, the final version of the SDK don't mean that the Actions Semi don't support the 'Open Source'. As far as I know, the Actions Semi will release the encoded  library in the next month.

The good news: They already commited Actions Semi 'new display structure' to their github repo so unfortunate Guitar users again don't have to wait for you: https://github.com/xapp-le/u-boo ... 799a018edb7e5da025b

If you tested it, you should know it is not what i said.


I am looking forward to your coming updates /progress.  Post time Dec 10, 2015 07:58


Don't worry. Guitar development is not priority and it won't come soon under Armbian, but  ... maybe now I'll finally earned a free board sample (Guitar excluded), without demanding to promote the board around or/and make projects.

tkaiser replied at Dec 09, 2015 09:17
Ok, you still don't get the importance to be able to use at leat the most recent version of kernel ...

Hi tkaiser,
Maybe you have misunderstood hncxy, the last version means the last big change for the very bad source code base because too many rubbish code, then Actions will not do big change, and we will keep and try to follow the kernel.org version for 3.10.
The Guitar developer team are trying to clean the unnecessary code so that we can have a clean source code to update to the 3.10.93. They delayed is because we need wait the display structure to change to HDMI master and slave can be set by users. We and Actions do not want to get the bad impression like the source code before.
I do believe the guitar develop team will update the kernel to the 3.10.93, and then also update to xapple community as the upstream code base.

For me personal, as most guys are now developing Guitar and Hikey, I do look over the Banana.

Hope you understand.

Tido replied at Nov 01, 2015 09:13
@tkaiser - you even led me to 3.10.78 and it totally made sense to me, because:

Linux kernel 3.10. ...


Hi all guys

here's a good news: the linux 3.10.94 upgrade complete, and you can down and use it: https://github.com/LeMaker/linux-actions.git -b linux-3.10.y

The kernel version 3.10.xx is too old.
In our application, the DisplayLink required 3.14 up.
Have any plans to update version?

alextsai replied at Mar 01, 2016 00:40
The kernel version 3.10.xx is too old.
In our application, the DisplayLink required 3.14 up.
Have an ...

Hi, We do not have this plan at present, But maybe directly update to linux 4.4.y in the future

Expect it as soon as possible

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