bananian 15.08 SPI Driver not found

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Hi, Every body
Some body know how to get or construct SPI driver on Bananian 4.02.
Thanks for you help

I got the problem.
You must select SPI driver as Module not '*'

for that. you must get source and make menuconfig
select device Drivers, and SPI support, and put M on Allwinner A10 SOC

an example to do that. ... ;highlight=Bananian

That's an how to for old kernel. 3.4.x for new one (4.x) don't know if everything is already done.

BTW. Armbian has SPI enabled by default within kernel 3.4.x ... and tested - I am using it.

Thank's for your answer
But this linux 3.4 drivers for USB TNT is to OLD that's a raison i want to use 4.X

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