Power Requirements of Banana Pi and 2.5" SATA plus USB Wifi

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Hi People,
My first post and first delve into the Banana Pi.
Whilst I have a fair amount of Windows experience and some MAC I have little Linux knowledge. I have really only played with a few Linux Live CD distros such as Puppy Linux so this is really going to be a learning experience for me. I am sure I will need to post further questions to overcome my lack of knowledge.
After reading a lot about both Banana and Raspberry Pi boards I have decided my first project is going to be an in-car entertainment system to keep my grandsons happy on long journeys. I aim to have a Banana Pi as a file server with a 1Tb SATA drive and make this a Wireless Hotspot. Connected to this by wireless will be two Raspberry Pi's each running Openelec and each connected to a seperate 7" TFT screen. The idea being each Raspberry pi will be able to run a seperate session of Openelec and stream seperate videos to each screen simultaneously. My aim for this setup is:-
1) No streaming Server - Banana Pi as a simple file server serving up the video files to the Raspberry Pi(s)
2) Portable - I should be able to unclip each screen and Raspberry pi from the headreast as there will only need to be a power connection to the Screen/Pi. Also the Banana Pi will also only have to plug into a power source as connections to the RPIs will be via wireless.
My idea is to install the Banana pi and 2.5" hard drive into a cheap USB Hard drive enclosure such as this. The benefits being:-
1) It already has a built in 12v to 5v power supply
2) It will protect the BPi and hard drive from physical damage and hopefully act as a heatsink for the SOC.
3) It has an external power switch and 12v connection which can go straight into a cigarette lighter
4) I can mount the antenna of a USB Wireless dongle to the end of the case.
My questions are however:-
A) How much power (current) will the BPi, SATA Hard drive and USB Wireless dongle require and do you think this is within the limits supplied by the power convertor in the Hard Drive Case?
B) I was looking at this USB Donglewhich has Ralink RT5370 chipset which I belive is natively supported by Bananian. The benefit of this adapter is the removeable antenna which will allow me to connect it to the outside of the case.
C) Is Bananian suitable for my intended use of purely running a file server. After reading posts on this and other sites I belive Ext4 file system is appropriate. I will also have to create a wireless hotspot also in order to connect the two wireless adapters of the Rasberry Pis.
Any advice or guidance on the above or any assumptions I have made would be very much appreciated
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