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Lubuntu 15.10 (ELAR-Systems Version) - Full HD 1080P

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Edited by sghazagh at Thu Nov 5, 2015 16:58

Hello all,
And finally, Full 1080P HD Lubuntu 15.10 (ELAR Systems Version).
It's fully functional and loading very quick...


I have used the root for main Login and left it for you to create your own users/groups.

Default password for "root" user is : elar-systems

(SSH-Server is enabled and you can login through SSH as well)

Lubuntu 15.10 (ELAR-Systems Version) - SD Image:  DOWNLOAD
Lubuntu 15.10 (ELAR-Systems Version) - eMMC Image: DOWNLOAD

Hope you like it,


Sounds nice.
I goona try this

Edited by sghazagh at Wed Oct 28, 2015 16:50

To load and run my above mentioned Image to 3rd partition of eMMC without using the 'Actions Firmware Tool'.

If you are interested, here is the step-to-step guide allowing you to run your own 'rootfs' from another partition of eMMC:

Step1: Write above Image to an SD card.

Step2: Load to any existing Linux on eMMC and run the command prompt as root

Step3: Use "gdisk" to create the 3rd partition starting from next sector of existing 2nd partition to minimum size of 3.0GB. (If you have a question ask and I will post a guide for making partition by using "gdisk" as well.
Note: use "gdisk" and not "fdisk" as the eMMC is GPT. Also use PArtition type "0700" for creating the new partition.
You can use "parted" as well if you want to

Step4: Now insert the created SD to Sd card slot. Check the device by usinf "lsblk".I assume the SD card is "/dev/mmcblk1" now and eMMC will be "/dev/mmcblk0".
You can check it with "lsblk" command.

If it is, then use dd command to copy the 2nd partition of SD card , to newly created 3rd partition of eMMC:

dd if=/dev/mmcblk1p2 of=/dev/mmcblk0p3 bs=512 conv=noerror,sync

I don't explain about the "dd" switches above as you all are guru.

Step5: Modify the "uEnv.txt" file located in /media/root/misc and change the boot partition:

Replace: root=/dev/mmcblk0p2
With     : root=/dev/mmcblk0p3

Step6: Remove the SD and reboot.
You will be in Linux loading from Partition 3 of your eMMC.

Edited by sghazagh at Nov 18, 2015 13:44

One More Tip:
As your eMMC has more than one OS now, you can Switch between your OSs by creating a shortcut on your desktop.
This will automatically change to boot partition for you in "uEnv.txt" file and will boot to other OS:

For example, assume this OS is in partition 3 of eMMC (/dev/emmcblk0p3) and we want to Switch To OS on partition 2 (/dev/mmcblk0p2).
Here are steps you need to follow:

Step1: Create a file (ex. /root/switch-os.sh) and copy this contents:

  1.     #!/bin/sh
  2.     sed -i -e 's/mmcblk0p3/mmcblk0p2/g' /media/root/misc/uEnv.txt
  3.     reboot
Copy the Code

Step2: give it execute permission:

  1.     #chmod a+x switch-os.sh
Copy the Code

Step3: Open LXTerminal in GUI and:

  1.     #cd /root/Desktop
  2.     #lxshortcut -o SwitchOS
Copy the Code

A form will popup. hit <OK>

Step4: Then right click on newly created shortcut and select 'Properties'.
Change the Shortcut to whatever you like and in "Desktop Entry" Tab 'Browse' and select the file we had created above (switch-os.sh)

That's it... Clicking shortcut will restart the system into the other OS installed on partition 2.
You can do similar on other OS to back again.

Hope it helps,

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