eth0 networking isn't working?

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I'm using the BPi, Bananian, burned the image to an SD card and configured everything including the IP address that the PI should use (
That was working for a while, I have been two month on vacation now and plugged everything in again and it doesn't seem to be working anymore.

The red LED is switched on and the green one is blinking.
I tried several LAN cables, but the LEDs at the LAN port are never blinking.
I can't reach my PI via SSH/Ping on 1.17.
But if I put the SD card with a card reader on my desktop, I can see the Unix file system tree and even /etc/network/interfaces with the correct data.

How can I figure out where the problem comes from?

Thanks in advance,

Did you configured your BPi with DHCP? Maybe the IP Address was outdated and renew to something other.

With a static IP and I can't see it in the DHCP table in the router as well

do you have generic  'interfaces' file with DHCP setting?
If so, activate this and see if the Pi does connect, so you know technically is it fine.
If this works, fix its IP-Address in the ROUTER with its MAC-Address.

I do it this way and it works perfect.

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