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Hello Everyone
We have released the Source Code for the LeMaker Guitar in the gihub at ,it includes the "Android system's rootfs(android)" "owl actions board's type(owl)" "Android kernel (kernel)" "Android u-boot (u-boot)" and so on. You can use  the following command to download it.       
  1. git clone
Copy the Code
The Source Code will generate a Android Platform Firmware with "xxx.fw". when you build it, and the package will be saved to the directory "owl/out". If you want to make Android system image based on the Firmware package, please visit the LeMaker wiki at:

For more information about the using of the SDK, please visit the LeMaker wiki at .

Welcome everyone to download and using, if you meet some bugs, you can fix it and feel free to contribute your code to the Repository. Of course, you can also report bugs to

Of course, you can also report bugs to
On this webiste it says in red letters:

Warning: Admin directory should be removed.

Hi Lee,

some feedback regarding documentation:
- There is a mismatch in the link you provide, they are related to Linux build, not Android Build.
- Regarding the Android build wiki, the presentation is confusing: Step 6 is not a consecutive step to do after step 1-5, I just use step 6 to build my android, not step 2-5

You should rephrase like this:
Step 1 - Donwload Android SDK (content of actual Step 1)
Step 2 - Android SDK Build (content of actual Step 6)
Step 2 bis - Step by Step Android SDK build (content of actual Step 2-5)

There is a typo in Step 3: Configuration Kernel (one 'l' is enough)
In previous SDK version, Step 3 didn't work. I have to merge the last commit to check if it's still the case.
it's an alternative. Steps 2-5 are the step by step actions

Something wrong by the connect.You can connect this link  :

Make Android SDcard boot image's function already update.You can update git by
Or only download this owl/Makefile to update SDcard boot function.

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