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I just got all my parts to build this media center I want to make. Come to find out the banana pro has horrible support compared to like every other option I had. "Whatever, over it. I can figure it out." Well, fuck. I tried Lubuntu and it wont boot past "ateempting to boot without network configuration" even though there ARE available networks via ethernet and wifi. Raspbian wont download from this site (go figure). It seems like no matter what I want to do with this board, it will require me to build or write some stuff and yeah I am really not trying to do that. I do not have the time, really. I'm freaking out, please, somebody help me get this thing at least booted...

Well, I dont want to blame you. but you are sounding like you should start start here:

There are so many people that code, making things work and support others by helping them with their devices.

If you dont understand things, how they work, start reading and ask

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nebkas replied at Wed Oct 28, 2015 04:44
Well, I dont want to blame you. but you are sounding like you should start start here:

http://forum ...

Lol you linked me a quickstart guide and google. thanks. I got it working before you replied.

Did you have a look on your Banana's log or at least on your DHCP logs ?

Because I booted my BananaPI on Raspbian and my bPro on Lubuntu, both downloaded from this site and I haven't faced any trouble.


Already solved.  Post time Nov 05, 2015 18:36

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Just similar reference, don't know if it'll work for your case

Also there is another thread finished the XBMC works ... &extra=page%3D1

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