addon not working on lemedia

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Hello, I'll try to add addon in my lemedia, (I use roseapple pie) but all the add-on is not work
I have a list of installed add-on:
XBMC- plug - China
YouTube's ...
Some people try? And plug-ins work lemedia?
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First of all , this forun is in English. Write in Engilish to get better help from none Chinies memebrs.

After that, I have reported this issue to LeMaker while ago with a comprehensive fix suggestion and they have told me that they will fix it in next release.
If you want to fix it yourself here is the fix:

These package should be installed on base system of LeMedia image:
    • ntp
    • ntpdate
    • python-pip

  1. apt-get update && apt-get install ntp ntpdate
  2. apt-get install python-pip
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It installs are required dependency packages as well.
After that be sure your system date is correct (By default time has set to January and cannot be changed)

Restart your system and you can install and use all plugins include TVAddons.tv Plugin.

Hope it helps...

sghazagh replied at Sat Oct 31, 2015 17:37
First of all , this forun is in English. Write in Engilish to get better help from none Chinies meme ...

sorry, I have a mistake to type Chinese...I can install ntp ntpdate python-pip at lemedia
when I was sure my system date is correct
I'll reboot my system, and everything is gone...

What you mean is gone?!
It does not boot or the problems has gone?

If the system does not boot so something is wrong with your image.
Re-create the system.... Try SD image and test it again. Be sure you have enough space on your SD image when you update.
It should ok as I have tested on SD image...

I don't know why,
I install ntp, ntpdate, python-pip and reboot
I see my date and time is error..
like I don't install ntp, ntpdate, python-pip
And I can install that package again...
It is like recovery when I reboot....
I'll try re-create the system this weekend

Edited by sghazagh at Tue Nov 3, 2015 18:20

Try use this command to configure your time zone:
  1. # dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
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And see if your time sets correctly.
  1. # date
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sghazagh, Thank your help,
And I know why I can not add pps at my roseapple pi,
Because I download wrong add-on zip(Maybe that zip can't working in lemedia...)
After I download this zipand install
than I can watch chinese tv now!!

By the way, Youtube can't watch either , but that is not importian to me

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